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    Rupee Hits All-Time Low of 70 Per Dollar

    The Indian Rupee fell past the 70 per dollar mark for the first time, weighed down by an emerging market currency rout.

    The rupee fell 0.2 percent to 70.08 against the dollar at 10:35 am, following a 1.6 percent drop in previous session, its worst performance since September 2013. The currency is down almost 9 percent this year, making it Asia’s worst performer.

    Rupee as lower as Dollar

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    India's rupee tumbles past 70 per dollar to a new record low from Bloomberg
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    With friends like these... After raising India's oil-import bill by withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, Trump now is raising India's overall bill for all imports through his one-bullet-a-day strategy against Turkey that is hammering emerging markets and depreciating the rupee - Brahma Chellaney - Strategic thinker, author, commentator

    Today, Rupee touched the lowest ever value - 69.62 - against US Dollar in its history. Modi Bhakts and Modinomists predicted in 2014 that ₹ will touch around 40 against $ if Modi becomes PM 😂😂  - Ravi Nair

    Breaking:  rupee touches a new low,’ crosses Rs 70! . And before you blame the Modi govt, spare a thought for the Turkish lira shock.. but also spare a thought for Dr MMS who was lampooned when rupee was declining in 2013.
    Moral of story: easier to be in oppn than in power. - Rajdeep Sardesai

    For the first time Rupee has hit Rs.70 to a dollar mark. Post Turkey, contagion risks  for EM economies have gone up. RBI Guv has said we are at the beginning of a currency war. China's real economy and currency  movement most critical indicators to be watched. - M K Venu

    Currency against US Dollar, now. 1 USD equals:

    - 207,100.00 Venezuelan bolívars
    - 14,485.00 Indonesian rupiah 
    - 23,277.00 Vietnamese dong
    - 259.71 Angolan Kwanza
    - 48,906.00 Iranian rial
    - 69.09 Indian rupe
    - 123.95 Pakistani rupee


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