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    CoinSwitch Kuber - Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

     What is CoinSwitch Kuber

    CoinSwitch Kuber is a secure, user-friendly crypto trading platform for users in India, where they can buy 80+ cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc easily, at the best rate, with a variety of payment options being offered. The users can access the pooled liquidity of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in India to get the best rate and trade instantaneously, after completing the KYC/AML procedures. CoinSwitch Kuber app is the best cryptocurrency exchange for Indians as it provides them a seamless user experience, through a simplistic user interface.

    CoinSwitch Kuber App Features:
    Simplistic user interface
    Supports 80+ cryptocurrencies
    Instant Deposits and Withdrawals
    Fastest INR to crypto exchange, crypto to crypto and crypto to INR trading
    Provides best rate in the market
    Smart and superfast KYC process
    Ideal for beginners as well as daily doers
    Prompt customer support

    All About Cryptocurrency Trading in India

    The 4th of March, 2020 proved to be an iconic day when the Supreme Court of India passed their judgment on a two-year-old banking ban on cryptocurrency trading. In April 2018, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had imposed a ban that barred any financial institutions from facilitating any virtual currencies related services. Now, the decision to lift the crypto ban by the Supreme Court of India could lead to tapping the potential Indian marketing, which could translate to notable growth in trading volumes.

    This is the first step towards the adoption of cryptocurrency in India, which has the potential of becoming one of the leading crypto markets in the world. Before the trading ban was lifted, the local traders in India had to use peer-to-peer trading platforms, where they could convert their currency and trade-in. But now, the Indian crypto users can directly trade with the INR as the currency, and buy cryptocurrencies, without having to fear regulations.

    As India is home to around 1.3 billion people, cryptocurrency trading in India can really make the volumes spike up, considering at least 1/4th of the population showing interest or awareness about cryptocurrencies, and how it can remove any kind of dependencies on third parties like banks to control the money. Now people of India can usitile cryptocurrencies with their full potential.

    How Cryptocurrency Trading Works?

    Cryptocurrency trading is the process of exchanging INR to cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency. The process of selling crypto after holding it is also a part of cryptocurrency trading. This entire process happens through a trustworthy exchange platform, and this is where you have to do a bit of research before trusting any platform with your crypto asset.

    The best option is to go for an exchange, which gives you the leverage to have complete control over your funds. CoinSwitch Kuber is that crypto exchange platform, which enables the Indian crypto users to go through the trading process in a seamless way. The best part is that you don’t have to browse through multiple exchanges in search of the best trading rate. CoinSwitch Kuber pools the liquidity from leading crypto exchanges from India and allows its users to trade cryptocurrencies at the best rate. One can trade over 100 cryptocurrencies at the best rate.

    CoinSwitch Kuber is specially designed for users in India and facilitates trading of cryptos by completing KYC in a few simple steps.

    Here are the steps to get you started on crypto trading with INR with CoinSwitch Kuber:

    1. Download the app:

    2. Using CoinSwitch Kuber: CoinSwitch Kuber Guide

    Benefits of Crypto Trading in India

    India has greater potential when it comes to cryptocurrency trading because of its progress in the blockchain domain, as most of the technology and financial firms have embraced the nuances of virtual currencies. The Indian market is full of opportunities for traders and the economy as a whole. Even before the crypto ban was lifted, some of the crypto enthusiasts resorted to P2P trading, with a certain level of doubt and uncertainty.

    The trade volume in January 2020- two months before the Supreme Court lifted the ban on crypto, was over 3 million USD, and over 23,500 transactions represented an 11% month-over-month increase. In spite of no government support, the interest in digital currency shows that Indian citizens are very supportive of cryptocurrencies and their benefits, which can lead to financial freedom. Given the right amount of awareness and education, India can most likely become a crypt superpower in the years to come.

    The adoption of innovative blockchain technology across different sectors like banking and financial services, supply chain, healthcare, retail, and insurance industries has the potential of adding an extra 5 billion USD to the Indian economy.

    Last but not least, India can create a lot of employment opportunities with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in place, and overall it would lead to a stronger digital economy.

    Tips to Follow Before trading in Cryptocurrencies

    The price of cryptocurrencies are very volatile. When you decide on trading in cryptocurrencies, it needs to be done after some homework, as once you trade it is going to stay as an asset for you. When you are putting your money on any crypto asset, there is a certain amount of risk associated with it. In order to make sure, you are trading right, you need to follow some simple tips:

    #1 Do research on the coin you’re planning to trade

    Ask yourself these four questions before finally giving into:
    Which market is the coin disrupting, for eg virtual payments, cloud storage, etc?
    What is the technology behind the currency? Is it easy to use, accessible and scalable)
    Research about the minds behind the creation of the coin, know its market potential, read about it more and more from sources like CoinMarketCap.
    Last, but not the least, what is the acceptance ratio of that coin. What is it that distinguishes this coin from its peers, i.e, what is the USP?

    Tip: Tip: Beware of the FOMO factor. Do not trade because you feel like you are missing the opportunity. This is the top cryptocurrency trading strategy.

    #2 Install a price ticker

    A price ticker will alert you whenever the price fluctuates. So, it's better to install it on your phone. Depending on the price, you can make wise trading decisions. In this way, you can keep a tab on the particular cryptocurrency you are planning on trading in. This is one of the common strategies for day to day crypto trading.

    #3 Watch out for scams

    You need to always watch out for any kind of misleading information or fraudulent activity. Always try to go with the coin with high credibilities, like the community and developers behind the creation of the coin.

    #4 Follow the market leaders and listen to their views

    There are creators, developers, crypto experts and traders who are active on social media, stating their recommendations and trading strategies. Those people have been trading for a while now, so it's wise to follow their recommendations, as mostly they are doing it right. This can give a direction to think about a crypto trade in.

    #5 Secure your crypto assets

    trading is not the critical part, but securing is. You need to figure out where you are going to store your crypto even before trading in it. This means you have to select a secure crypto wallet, for storing your crypto tokens, which will prevent your funds from any kind of hacks or attacks.

    Best Cryptocurrencies to trade in India

    When it comes to choosing cryptocurrencies, you must always go with the ones that have a high probability of a good return on trading. There are certain cryptocurrencies, which have been there for a long time, going through both good and bad times. Even there are the new ones, which have proved their worth, beyond imagination. There are certain crypto tokens favored by the cryptizens in India, and they’ve proved to be loyal aficionados of those coins.

    Some of the cryptocurrencies should prove fruitful to the traders in India, which are:

    #1 Bitcoin (BTC)

    Bitcoin has always been on the top, maintaining its status in the crypto space. BTC is the oldest and the most popular cryptocurrency ever, with the highest demand amongst the global cryptizens. As the Bitcoin supply is scarce with 21 million, of which only around three millions are left to mine, it is considered as an asset. Bitcoin is that one cryptocurrency that people are aware of, if not totally into it. BTC has the highest adoption rate across the world as compared to others.

    #2 Ethereum (ETH)

    After Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency and probably one of the promising long-term altcoins available. Founded in 2017, Ethereum has been a popular choice among enterprise clients as it can integrate smart contract protocols into its blockchain. Ethereum has been showing high signs of volatility and is almost touching the $200 mark.

    #3 Ripple (XRP)

    Ripple is the third-largest cryptocurrency, having great demand by the Indian users, as XRP is the hot choice for the go-to blockchain for banking and financial institutions. XRP can be used as an intermediary in the future for quick transaction-processing times and cross-border partnerships. XRP has great potential for future achievements; hence it can be fruitful for return on trading.

    #4 Binance Coin (BNB)

    Binance is not only one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, but it owns one of the popular coins, too- Binance Coin (BNB). BNB falls under the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world by market cap. Binance has high liquidity and one of the assets which are superior in cryptocurrency trading. BNB offers great prospects in the long run as it increases steadily at times of turmoil, too.

    #5 Litecoin

    Litecoin is the world’s first open-sourced P2P altcoin that has maintained its positional consistency by market capitalization. Litecoin is forked from Bitcoin, and is the seventh-largest cryptocurrency in the world. It enables near-zero, instant cost payments to anyone in the world. Improved storage efficiency and faster transaction confirmation times make it one of the most favored cryptocurrencies by the users in India.

    Scope of Cryptocurrency in India

    March 4, 2020, marks a historic day for the cryptizens in India, as the two-year-long crypto ban by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was overturned by the Supreme Court of India. Now that the crypto enthusiasts can trade and make a transaction without any fear or contempt, this paved a way to a new milestone altogether. The Indian cryptizens can now purchase cryptocurrencies with the Indian rupee directly, with the help of the crypto exchanges. We can expect more active trading, which can ignite a crypto revolution. As per a study by Paxful, 78.5% of the survey respondents believe that traditional finance is corrupt, and 64.8% believe this is the best way to achieve financial freedom.

    Not only that, but this will also lead to great employment opportunities with regards to blockchain technology and cryptography. India is home to around 1.3 billion people, where employment is a huge concern. According to a survey by Paxful, 43.50% of respondents believe that this crypto independence would lead to an increase in jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. India’s crypto volumes are increasing every week, as more and more people are showing interest in virtual currencies. Due to COVID 19, most of the places are under lockdown, and this is proving to be a contributing factor to the ever-rising crypto trading volume in India.

    Why CoinSwitch Kuber is the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India?

    CoinSwitch Kuber is developed by the team CoinSwitch. Funded by Sequoia Capital, CoinSwitch was started in the year 2017 with an aim to ease up the crypto trading process for the users. CoinSwitch acts as one of the best crypto trading aggregators, partnered with the leading exchanges, wallet services, gaming partners, etc. Users from over 160 countries trade more than 300 cryptocurrencies. CoinSwitch trading platform has processed over $5 billion in crypto and brings the same trust and security to INR trading. CoinSwitch has built CoinSwitch Kuber to provide the same experience to Indian users buying and selling cryptocurrencies with INR.


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